Our customers say it best!

We love receiving mail and messages about how much your four-footed friends love our Sneak-e-Snacks. After all, LOVE is the first ingredient we add to every batch! Please feel free to send your snack story to us with a photo and we will add it below. Be sure to identify yourself and your pet so we can attach it to the correct submission.

Our dogs LOVE Sneak-e-Snacks! I love that they are locally made and all natural!

Lauren Gibson

via Facebook

Everything is homemade. My dogs LOVE their Sneak-e-Snack. If you love your fur babies, give them a very special treat.

Dawn Bowman

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Shane and Mary Robb in SC make sure their two pups have their Peanut Budders delivered fresh to their door every month!

Dogs Love Sneak-e-Snack Treats
“Say, lady, do you have TWO of those Sneak-e-Snacks Peanut Budder biscuits?” — Havoc & Mellow

Shane and Mary Robb

in SC

My horses, cats and dogs ALL love Sneak-e-Snacks!

Cathye Bouis

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Horses love these – even picky snack eaters will like these. I have handed out samples to owners who say their horses don’t like treats and the horse eats them!

Cassie Payne

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The best and only Horse Treats my ponies love! Thank you!

Ann Morgan

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Rain TreatsMy dogs AND my Morgans are addicted to Sneak-e-Snacks! If I’m having trouble catching one, it only takes my outreached hand with those little gems and they come running. Thank for providing a healthy and tasty treat!

Tami Johnson

My dog is rather picky about the treats she eats and boy, did she jump up and down for another Sneak-e-Snack! I highly recommend them!

Marianne Howanitz

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Awesome treats made by awesome people.

April Irvin

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All of my horses absolutely LOVE your treats! My mare nickers (very loudly) after her training because she knows it’s Treat Time! I have turned my whole barn onto them! Expect their orders soon! Thank you for such a great product!

Kristie Lutz

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I tried to tell them they’re not dog cookies. They sat for them and ate them anyway! Who am I to judge?

Michelle Martiya Boxers

Michelle Martiya

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