Sneak-e-Snacks are handmade from 100% all natural ingredients, including such horsey favorites as beet pulp, steam rolled barley, steam crimped oats, alfalfa, ground flax seed, cane molasses, corn, black oil sunflower seeds and other tasty goodies. Delicious and nutritious, these treats will have your horse meeting you at the gate! Sneak-e-Snacks are the perfect training aid for behavior reinforcement to experience effective communication with your horse.

We offer a variety of sizes and even have a monthly subscription option available, so you’ll never be caught without Sneak-e-Snacks on hand!

You can always call us at 352-274-1600 to order your Sneak-e-Snacks. If you are outside of the continental U.S. or are ordering multiple bags (3+), please call to place your order so we can economize your shipping.